Top Headband Hairstyles for the Retro Beauties

Headbands again came back to fashion by the teen drama queens of Gossip Girl. Eventually it was seen on every American teenager and now it’s in vogue with almost all women who loves being fashionable with hair. Wearing headbands stylishly has become common on the red carpet as well – celebrities like Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams, and Charlize Theron have been spotted wearing headbands in innovative and appealing ways.

Headbands can be made from anything that suits the occasion, your personality and style – flowers, stones, ribbons, laces, glittery cloth, embellished bands or just a satin rope. Getting your hairstyle adjusted to the headband is essential as just any headband would not go with any style – so check here the best ideas to flaunt a headband on you –

headband hairstyles for the retro beauties

Just a wrap

If you have short hair and the occasion demands some style over your head, just wrap a headband flat. Make it minimalist and simple that lies flat against your head; gaudy and chunky designs like bows and flowers would not suit the hairstyle. However if flowers are essential, keep it to small blossoms that looks well matched.

The Floppy Bows

If you have a shoulder length hair, keep it careless and opened. The bangs should also not go tight behind, just let them lose and take a bright coloured ribbon or piece of cloth (preferably solid colours) and wrap it twice around your head. Position the base knot at your neck and pull up the sides to get a floppy bow on the side. Keep it twisted to one side. It looks child-like and adorable!

Ultra Thin Style

If you wish to follow the headband hairstyles of Busy Phillips and Ginnifer Goodwin, you will know the magic of sleek and thin! This goes best if your hairstyle is limp and straight. Get a thin hair band coloured in silver, gold or ivory and fit it snugly above – it would match with any dress unless the occasion is too pompous.

Head Gears for Twisted Hairstyle

When the party calls for French plaits or low chignons and your hair is looking a bit congested and stuffy, ornate it with a elegantly embellished headband. There are many types of crystal encrusted headbands that look gorgeous with plaited hairstyles and low buns.

Make it Large

Some hairstyles are simply incomplete without headbands. Especially, when your attire is not that gaudy and in pastel shades, the occasion needs a little more and your hairstyle is just a ponytail or left all open. In such cases, the headband has to be large, ornamented and stylish enough to overpower the rest of the look. You can even go with just this and no earring or neckpiece!

Floral Wheel

Careless curls, flowing tresses and a beach party – this surely calls for a flowery girdle around your head. Get the brightest coloured flowers and bind them into a wire to get the most feminine and fresh look for the day!


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