Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Hairstyle Disaster

Wedding planning starts way before the D-day and other than the décor, cake, center pieces, food and music you have to make sure that your look is the show-stealer. It’s not just the dress and the shoes that matter. You have to be very careful when you decide the hairstyle that you will wear on that day. Here are a few tips to help you avoid any major faux pas with regards to your hair.

tips to avoid wedding day hairstyle disasterKeep wedding day hair disasters at bay by following these rules –

  • Select the hair color wisely: You might want to color your hair for your big day. But stop and reflect on your original hair color. The natural color often looks best.
  • Coordinate the hair with your dress: Your hairstyle needs to be in tandem with your wedding dress. If you are changing the dress for the reception then make sure that you select a hairdo that will work with both the dresses.
  • Choose the hair accessories with care: The hair accessories need to be well blended with the other accessories. You should not go overboard or look bare.
  • Keep the venue in mind: The venue will decide whether you want a perfect up-do or if you want to wear your hair down. Take into account the wind and other external factors if you have an outdoor wedding.
  • Be open to suggestions: Your friends and family know you best and they have seen you for years. Their opinion on how you look matters. So talk to them, tell them about what you have in mind and also hear what they think of your plan. Someone may have a valuable suggestion for you.
  • Do not try to look completely different from your regular look: Make sure that you do not change your look completely on the wedding day. People need to recognize you for who you are. A total change in look might make you look artificial.
  • Get the hair treatments done at least two days before the final day: This includes coloring, perm, hair spa and other treatments. Let your hair rest a little so that you have time to analyze damage if any and also scope for damage control.
  • Ask your stylist to do the hair once before the D-day so that there are no surprises. This way you will know how much time it will take and also if you have to make changes to the style depending on how you look.


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