Styling Medium Curly Hairstyles the Right Way

Although sometimes it is a curse to have wavy hair, you could turn it into a blessing if you choose the right medium curly hairstyles. This is something that the celebrities could really help you with, because they offer a lot of sources of inspiration.

Kirsten Dunst and her hairstyles for medium curly hair

To achieve the same sophisticated look, start by parting the hair in the middle. Then add some texturizing mousse to your damp hair and divide it into two separate sections. Braid both of them and in the end secure them with elastic bands.

Medium Curly Hairstyles

In case of this one of the hairstyles for medium curly hair let some time for the braids to dry. When they are completely dry take them out and finger comb your hair to loosen the waves. In order to keep the flyaways under control, apply some shine serum.

Julianne Hough with her sexy hairstyles for medium curly hair

She is one of the celebrities who prefer the tousled and sexy medium curly hairstyles. In case you would like to have something similar to her style, start with creating a side part.

This way you can balance the look. Apply some texturizing spray on the hair    and then blow dry the hair with the help of a diffuser that accentuates the natural waves.

When your hair is totally dry, this one of the hairstyles for medium curly hair will require you to twist sections of the hair around a curling iron to add some loose waves to the hair. Once you are done with them, finger comb the waves to loosen them. To set the look, apply some light hairspray.

Anna Faris and her romantic hairstyles for medium curly hair

In case you are looking for the more romantic medium curly hairstyles, consider her hairstyle. Start with applying some defrizzing serum on your hair while it is still damp. Then blow dry the hair using low heat with the help of a round brush. If you have bangs, wrap them around the brush as well to add some lift.

Just as in case of the other hairstyles for medium curly hair, you should apply heat protectant and then straighten your bangs. Then take a large barreled curling iron, and curve the ends of the hair. In the end add a bit of shine serum to the ends and prevent the appearance of flyaways with the help of anti-frizz hair spray.

Selena Gomez with her cute hairstyles for medium curly hair

If you are looking for cute medium curly hairstyles, this is one to consider. Start with a side part and add some smoothing cream to the top of your head. The bottoms of the hair should be treated with texturizing mousse.

In order to achieve this one of the hairstyles for medium curly hair, blow dry with the help of a paddle brush. The ends could be rough dried to make the look more textured. Add some waves through wrapping the ends of the hair around a curling iron.

As you can see, there are a lot of celebrity medium curly hairstyles that you could choose from.


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