6 Major Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is a common fashion these days. Everyone who has slightly wavy or frizzy hair prefers either temporary hair straightening or the permanent hair straightening treatment.

While the physical look of this form of treatment may look very pleasing to the eye but there can be several side effects of this form of hairstyle. Infact permanent straightening tends to be pretty damaging for the hair. Let’s look at the 6 top side effects of hair straightening:

side effects of hair straightening

  • The dryers or the chemicals which are employed to straighten hair not only dry out the hair strands but also the roots. What this does is that it tends to make the hair brittle and eventually break off. Thus indirectly, hair straightening treatment can lead to hair loss in the long run.
  • Another side effect of hair straightening is that the chemicals used for such a treatment can lead to burning out of the hair strands. Infact even in the case of temporary hair straitening which are done using hair ironing machines can also cause hair to burn off.
  • If the process of hair straightening, especially permanent hair straightening is not done properly then it can cause permanent cuticle damage. This can happen in the case when heat protectors are not applied properly. Cuticle damage can lead to permanent loss of hair strands and may also result in lack of possibility of re-growth.
  • Another serious side effect of hair straightening is that it can lead to split ends. This is mostly the result of the harsh chemicals that are present in the compounds used on the hair before straightening it. Split ends make even nicely cut hair look shabby.
  • In many cases, hair straightening can also lead to several types of allergies. This mostly happens in the case of permanent hair straightening.
  • Chemical based hair straightening agents which are used for permanent hair straightening can lead to alteration of the hair texture. This alteration can be permanent and hence regaining the natural look of the hair will become impossible.

To avoid these and other side effects of hair straightening, it is best to opt for other ways to straighten or smoothen hair. Infact it is always better to leave your hair looking natural. Even natural waves and curls are in fashion and must be managed well to enhance the overall look.


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