Top Short Layered Hairstyles to Pull Off Anytime

At the beginning of a new season a lot of women feel like they are ready for a new beginning, and this might consist in new short layered hairstyles. Although you may think that there is little to do with short hair, they could be almost just as versatile as the long hairstyles.

Sassy short hairstyles with layers

This is a hairstyle for the women who aren’t afraid of having people staring at them. The hairstyle could be characterized by attitude and personality and the advantage of the style is that it is suitable for the majority of the women, regardless of their face shape.

Short Layered Hairstyles

In order to create this one of the short hairstyles with layers you should dry the hair and then apply wax or glue to create the form that you would like. If you opt for wax, you will have the possibility to play with your hair at your will.

Shaggy hairstyle with bangs

This is one of the short layered hairstyles that is just perfect for the women who have heart shaped faces or round shaped faces. In order to achieve the style that you want you should apply a bit of smoothing product and dry the hair. Then flat iron the hair and spray it with hair spray to make sure that the strands will stay in place.

Razor cut layers

In this case the short hairstyles with layers come with asymmetric bangs. Although the hairstyle is perfect for the majority of the face shapes, it is the most suitable for the long face shapes. Because of the asymmetric bangs the long faces will look shorter. Also consider adding a bit of color to it.

In order to achieve this one of the short layered hairstyles, you should apply a heat protectant and then blow dry the hair with the help of your fingers. Iron the hair to get rid of the waves and apply a bit of pomade for the more piece-y look.

Smooth and chic short hairstyles with layers

The good thing about these hairstyles is that they can be styled in many different ways, but the smooth ones are the most chic and they look modern. While these hairstyles are the most suitable in case of the long face shapes, they could work for just any face shape in case the hairstyle receives the right finishing touches.

When styling the short layered hairstyles, you should make sure to condition the hair and it is also useful to be using some kind of heat protectant. Then blow dry the hair and iron it. In the end spray the hair with hairspray that doesn’t make it look sticky or hard. You could also use some shine spray to add extra shine to the hair.

Flirty and fun short hairstyles with layers

For this you will need imperfect layers and some random curls here and there. The short layered hairstyles could be made more interesting with the help of some extra body and texture.


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