The Secrets Behind Layered Hairstyles

We have to admit that the layered hairstyles could get pretty confusing. Actually this is their point, besides adding volume to the hair. There are numerous different hairstyles that can benefit from having layers, and in case you are looking for a new hairstyle, this is something that you should consider.

Rules of hairstyles with layers

There are some areas where the hair has more to benefit from layers such as the crown, the top of the head and the fringes or bangs.

Layered Hairstyles

On the other hand there are also some areas that aren’t suitable for layered hair. Naturally there are some exceptions from the rule as well, depending on the hairstyle in question.

The areas that you should consider regarding hairstyles with layers that don’t need layering include the nape of the neck towards the ears, at the sides above the ears and along the hairline near the face where there isn’t enough hair to be layered.

You should also know regarding layered hairstyles is that you shouldn’t have layers along the line where the hair is parted, because this way a line could form. Also it’s not to a good idea to layer the ends of the hair, because it isn’t thick enough, and so the hairstyle could lose its shape.

The kind of hair needed for hairstyles with layers

Some of the hair types are more suitable for layering than others. The best type for this purpose is coarse hair, which if followed by medium hair. In case you happen to have fine hair, you should know that it is the least suitable for layering. If fine hair is layered, it could end up looking even thinner.

Nonetheless there are some dangers regarding layered hairstyles in case of coarse hair as well. If it isn’t properly layered, it could end up looking ragged, jagged of choppy. Some of the hairstylists make the mistake of layering curly hair. If layering isn’t done correctly, the hair could get a triangle shape. Curly hair requires special treatment.

The best kind of hair for layering is straight hair or wavy hair. The hairstyles with layers in case of wavy hair could enhance the waves, making them cascade in harmony. As it has been mentioned, straight hair could also look nice if it is layered, unless it is too thin for layering.

Disadvantages of layered hairstyles

Just as anything else in life, these hairstyles could also have some disadvantages. There are a lot of people who are complaining that they can’t get a good haircut. There are numerous reasons for this, one of them being that not even the hairstylists know the true value of the layers. Remember regarding hairstyles with layers that one person might understand heavy layering differently than another person, and so you should communicate efficiently with your hairstylist so that you both know what the other wants.

Another problem regarding layered hairstyles is that it is almost impossible to create the same hairstyle twice. Each of the hairstyles is unique.


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