School Ready Teenage Hairstyles

When thinking about teenage hairstyles you should consider that in many cases going back to school is just like participating at a fashion show on a daily basis. This is why it is just natural that teenagers are looking for hairstyles that enhance their looks and make other people’s heads turn. Some of the hairstyles for teenagers are:

1. Ponytail

This is a stylish option and the best thing about it is that teenagers can easily create it at home. It can be a high or low ponytail and the hair could be curly or straight.

Teenage Hairstyles

In order to make the look more interesting you could opt for elastics of different colors and also barrettes. To get this one of the hairstyles for teenagers, you should start with moistening the hair and then use the paddle brush to smooth the hair.

Then gather the hair into a ponytail that will last until the classes end. You could also try a high ponytail, leaving the lower layers loose.

2. Sleek bun

In case you are looking for a more sophisticated look regarding teenage hairstyles then consider a sleek bun. All you need to create the style is a brush, an elastic band and some hair pins. Just as in case of the ponytails, the buns could be high or low.

The good thing about this one of the hairstyles for teenagers is that you can achieve different looks with its help. If you don’t want the traditional style, then you should place the bun to the side. Also you could add a flower or a couple of chopsticks.

3. Bouncy bob

Bob is known to be one of the trendiest teenage hairstyles, which offer teenagers a youthful look that is just great for school. These hairstyles are perfect for the short or medium length hair. The best thing about it is that it frames the face and it highlights the facial features.

In case you are looking for the edgy hairstyles for teenagers then you could have some layers throughout the hair. This is an easy way to achieve some depth and to add dimension. Another option that you have is to add some bangs to achieve a bigger change.

4. Boho braids

This is one of the teenage hairstyles that are fun. To achieve the style start with blow drying the hair straight so that it will be easier to braid. Create a center part and get one inch sections on both sides. Then take a two inch section above the ear and clip it so that it won’t bother you.

In order to achieve this one of the hairstyles for teenagers gather the rest of the hair into a bun at the nape of the neck and tuck the ends in. Braid the sections that you have divided. Secure the ends against your head and apply some pomade.

The main point of the teenage hairstyles is to be simple and fast to create and also to look fabulous for the time spent in school.


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