Quick and Easy Prom Hair Styles

Most youngsters look forward to prom because they want to woo their special friends on that day. Girls make the extra effort to look like the airbrushed heroines for they stand a chance to be asked out on a date and also to win the prom queen title. But for the ones who find a tough time deciding how to wear the hair below given are a few tips that will sort the hair problem in a jiffy.

quick and easy prom hair stylesTips to wear your hair on prom nights

  • The classy bun: If you want to keep it simple, elegant and easy then the classy bun is a good option. Brush your hair, loosely pull it back and make a bun at the nape of your neck securing it with bobby pins.
  • Pulled back bangs: Another way to look neat is by letting your long stresses run flat and pulling back your bangs with a bobby pin or two.
  • Tousled pixie: Your hair is short and bobbed and you have a lot of bangs in front. That’s enough to look like Jennifer Lawrence! Simply give your bangs a tousled look and set it with some gel. Highlight those lovely eyes, add some nude lip gloss and you are set.
  • Textured braid: You have a head full of hair and do not know what to do! Start wearing your hair in braids. Create sections from the crown of your head and while you braid down add strands of hair to give it a textured look. Add sparkling accessories to make that lovely hairdo stand out. You can also end the braid to one side of the head to add a touch of celeb style!
  • Pump and curl: If curls are your favorite then just go for it! But add some glamour to it by pulling your hair away from your forehead, teasing it with a comb, adding some hairspray and pinning it to make it look like a puff. Let the rest of your hair fall back so that you can add some soft curls at the bottom.
  • Sleek and chic: When you have thin hair and a petite frame it is a great idea to wear it straight. Get a pair or tongs, heat them and voila! You have flat ironed sleek looking hair. Make sure you use the gel to keep strays from flying everywhere and also to add some shine to your head. Give it s gentle toss and sparkle the million dollar smile to make the boys go weak in their knees!


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