Top Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair look beautiful and sexy and it is essential that you explore various prom hairstyles for long hair before you decide on your look for the formal event. Choose a hairstyle that enhances the natural texture of your hair and adds to your natural looks. If you have long curly hair, then choose a hairstyle that loves your curls and adds to their beauty. Similarly, girls with naturally straight hair should choose a long hair prom hairstyle to emphasize their sleek hair.

Prom Hairstyles for Long hair

Long hair gives you the liberty of choosing elegant and lovely hairstyles that will make your formal look elegant. You may also decide to have your long hair cut to suit a particular hairstyle.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you want to have a haircut, do so a couple of weeks in advance so that the cut has time to set in and look good on the prom night. Choose a suitable hairstyle for long hair and practice it often so that you can easily do it for the prom without getting flustered about it.

Hairstyles for long curly/wavy hair

If you are blessed with a head of beautiful waves that fall well below the shoulder, you could opt for an elegant low chignon that will help bring out the lovely texture of your wavy hair. Long hair will ensure that you can style an exquisite chignon on the side.

Long wavy hair can also be left loose and hung over one shoulder to create a sexy look. You could also style your long hair for prom into a retro look with big waves that fall on to your shoulder. If your hair is not very wavy, use a hot iron to create huge sexy waves.

A few sexy braids to frame the face with the rest of the hair let down in huge waves look sweet and charming on the prom night. Another popular prom hairstyle for long wavy hair would be a hair let down simply with a center parting. The waves will add to the charm.

Prom hairstyles for long straight hair

Schedule a salon appointment a few weeks prior to the prom and get an electric haircut. Use a flat iron to get your hair razor straight and use plenty of serum to give it a shiny and sexy look.

Add a little fun to your natural hair texture with a braid across the high forehead. Use beads or tiny ribbons to accessorize. Leave the rest of the hair straight hanging over the shoulders.

Straight hair looks very classy when tied into a neat loop bun. It looks very formal and looks fabulous on long gowns. If you are a no fuss person, just comb out your straight hair, part it in the center and let it fall on either side of your face, an innocent and simple prom hairstyle for long hair.

Experiment with your hair and looks until you are sure about the prom hairstyle for long hair. Look for a hairstyle that reflects you and feels comfortable to carry. If you have very long hair, try the simple schoolgirl look with a sexy twist. Tie your hair into a long braid, leaving the hair around your face loose. Swing the braid on to one of the shoulders and exude charm and innocence all at once.


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