The New Hairstyles to Try in 2012

Every year comes with its own new hairstyles, and this is also true for 2012. At the moment it looks like this year will be all about the radical and extreme hairstyles. According to the world of fashion in case you would like to be absolutely trendy you should consider long lengths and bobs with a pixie design.

Short hairstyles that are new

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the shaggy, pixie, pageboy or bob, the most important aspect that you have to take into consideration is the shape of your face and your lifestyle.

New Hairstyles

If you happen to have an oval shaped face, you can be sure that almost anything is suitable for you. On the other hand if you are looking for hairstyles that are new and you have a heart shaped face then you should consider layered bobs that come with a flip at the end.

While for some girls it seems to be out of this world to give up their long tresses, one of the major trends of the season is for both girls and boys to have boyish hairstyles. The new age and punk influences might be to blame, but still these new hairstyles look amazing in every case.

Make it hot

When looking for hairstyles that are new, a lot of women take into consideration what they would like to achieve. You could be one of those that like to look hot, and in this case it is a must to get pin curls. This is the best way to achieve sophisticated and elegant look with hairstyles that are new.

On the other hand, some of the women are here to shock the world, and in this case take a look at the beehive retro hairstyles as new hairstyles. The advantage of these hairstyles is that they are suitable for every makeup style and any kind of jewelry that you could think of.

The celebrities have also adopted this new hairstyle, including Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. If you would like your new hairstyles to be practical during the summer, then you should consider the updos. You don’t have to be thinking about something complicated, but a hairstyle that keeps the hair out of your neck, exposing it and also your jewelry.

Get dramatic

On the runways you might have seen a hairstyle that seems outrageous, but still appealing. In this case the hairstyles that are new feature the hair on the crown of your head close to the scalp and floating freely in the back. In order to make the look even more intriguing, you should also apply some volumizing spray.

Loosen it

On the runways of Michael Kors you could have seen one of the trendiest new hairstyles. The hair is parted in the center and gathered at the nape of the neck where it is transitioned into a very loose braid. To the braid there is also added leather lace and, in order to make the hair fuller, the hairstylists also used hair extensions.


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