Top Medium Layered Hairstyles of 2012

It looks like the medium layered hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity, and maybe this is because women have realized that this is the most optimal length. It’s not too short or too long, and there are numerous things you could do with a hair like this.

Angelina Jolie and medium hairstyles with layers

In case you would like to look elegant and sophisticated, you should really consider the hairstyle of the actress. In order to achieve the style, start with creating a part that is slightly on the side.

Medium Layered Hairstyles

Then add volumizing mousse to your damp hair and blow dry it straight with the help of a round brush. To add volume to the hair, lift it while drying.

In order to achieve this one of the medium hairstyle with layers, you should wrap the hair in sections around a curling iron. Hold the hair in place for a few seconds and then release it. Each section should be brushed with a paddle brush.

LeAnn Rimes with medium hairstyles

The actress has achieved this one of the medium layered hairstyles through starting with creating a center part. Then she added some smoothing cream on her damp hair and blow dried the hair straight with the help of a round brush.

When she has dried her hair, she applied some shine spray to make the hair glossy. In order to make this, one of the medium hairstyles with layers more sophisticated, she tucked her hair behind her ears.

Marcia Cross–desperate for her medium hairstyles

She might be a Desperate Housewife, but she is less than desperate when it comes to the medium layered hairstyles. In order to achieve her signature hairstyle, start with a center part. Make the hair smooth by dry blowing the hair straight using a round brush. Add some bounce to the hair by wrapping the ends of the hair around the brush. In order not to have any flyaways, add some styling cream.

Emma Stone as center of attention

Usually she opts for the more sophisticated medium hairstyles with layers. Start by creating a side part. Then apply some smoothing cream and blow dry the hair using a round brush. The top of your hair should be in the center of attention.

When the hair is completely dry in case of this one of the medium hairstyles with layers, wrap the ends of the hair around a curling iron for some extra flair. Apply anti-humidity hairspray do avoid getting fizzes.

Jennifer Aniston is known for her medium hairstyles

She also likes the medium layered hairstyles, and she got known for her bob. To achieve the style, create a center part. Apply some smoothing cream on your damp hair and then blow dry the hair with the help of a paddle brush. When your hair is completely dry, straighten your hair with the help of a flat iron. Focus on the each half of the hair.

In case of this one of the medium layered hairstyles it is useful to curve the ends inwards. To fight the flyaways apply some anti-frizz hairspray all over your hair.


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