Top Hairstyles and Cuts for Women with Big Nose

If you are too worried to choose the right hairstyle for balancing your facial features, don’t be! There are many styles and hairdos that can give you a totally glamorous makeover. There are various stylish hair dos for the women with big nose too.

There is no point hiding in the closet just because you have a big nose, try the below mentioned hairstyle to flatter your looks and enhance your features.

Layered Hairstyle

layered hairstyle

When you go in for a layer cut hair style, people notice the soft cut of your hair and gets distracted from the prominent nose. This gives a sharp appearance to your looks.

Soft Waves and Curls

The women with big nose should go in for wavy and curly haircuts because these kinds of hairdos widen the face and shrinks the nose. The roller setting hairstyles and blow dryer hair buns also goes well with the big nosed face.



For the women who are too conscious and worried about their big nose, side-swept bang is the latest stylish hairstyle. Such kind of hairstyle gives a soft look to your face and gives glamorous looks.

Pixie Cut

pixie cut

This hairstyle is commonly chosen by the women who wish to flatter her looks and hide her distinct big nose. It looks too classy and fashionable when carried with accessories such as hair pins, head gears etc.

Left and Right Side Partings

If you have a large nose and you are looking for some top hairstyles and cuts, go in for side partings. It is preferable to have long hair so as to have a proper side partition. A little partition and lifting up of the hair on either side can make a lot of difference to your appearance.

Avoid Sleek Hairstyles

There are some hairstyles such as SEDU hairstyles which will make your already prominent nose appear, further larger and distinct. Sleek and straight hairstyles with sharp edges should be totally avoided as it draws attention to your already sharper features. Instead go in for round buns, messy hairdos, braid basket hairstyles, which gives a curvy appearance to your face.

It is important to select an appropriate hairstyle if you have a big nose! Make sure to choose good highlighting eye and lip makeup because it would draw away the attention from your nose. Also the color of your hair plays an important role in taking off the emphasis from your facial features.


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