Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Length Hair Men

It is just a myth that men are supposed to have short hair. The truth is that there are a lot of hairstyles ideas for medium length hair men also. The truth is that short hair doesn’t work out for everybody so consider looking for some new hairstyles.

Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Length Hair Men

Long sideswept bangs

In this case, the hairstyle has a lot of forward movement so you have to make sure that your stylist will add enough texture to the hair.

Although you are supposed to have longer bangs, make sure that the hair isn’t weighted down. It is best to break the bulk up with texturizing shears or a straightedge razor.

Blonde strands and medium length hair

Many people don’t agree with men dyeing their hair, but when it comes to the ideas for hairstyles for men with medium length hair, don’t forget that the highlights instantly add texture to the hair. You can choose to add highlights that are a bit brighter than your natural hair or lowlights which are darker than your hair.

Natural curls

Men with curly hair may also be looking for hairstyles ideas for medium length hair men. Don’t forget that instead of fighting the curls you should embrace them. It is easier to control the hair if it is of medium length. It is best if the hair is shorter at the nape and temple and longer on the crown of the head.


It is common for men to have a really short hair to control their super curly hair. However, the men’s ideas for hairstyles for medium length hair tell you that you could also go for the Afro style which is really trendy at the moment.

Keep it simple

Many people don’t have time for styling their hair, so men are looking for simple hairstyles ideas for medium length hair. In this case, you should have long layers all over. Apply some styling mousse on your damp hair to make it easier for you to control it.

Add more texture

When it comes to the hairstyles ideas for medium length hair men, you should know that it is more than trendy to have a lot of texture. Think about having texture on the crown and on the sides. The top should have a chunky look and there should be longer layers in the front.


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