Top 7 Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Those with thin hair are always looking for ways to style their hair and hold them together nicely. Thin hair can be difficult to play with and difficult to form new and interesting hairstyles with. But this doesn’t mean that those with thin hair have to worry about keeping their hair packed in one single style all the time.

With a few hair rules and cutting techniques, the thin hair can look full of volume and can be turned into beautiful hair styles. The following are the top 7 hairstyles for thin hair:

1. Blunt

bluntIf you have thin hair, then getting them cut in a blunt hairstyle with bangs on the forehead can create an amazing look.  If the bangs are allowed to fall down till the eyes then this can create an effect of style and modernity as well. This hairstyle can also help to accentuate the cheekbones.

2. Updo

updoA great way to manage or style thin hair is to do them up in an updo.  The updo can be tight, messy, loose or proper but doing it this way can take the attention away from the volume and throw it on the styling.  This hair style especially works for those who have long thin hair.

3. Creative Braiding

creative braidingIf you wish to make hair your strengthen rather than your weakness then you can go for an interesting and creative braid.  To make a unique braid, you will first need to comb back all your hair, take a few strands from each side and twist them lightly to make multiple pairs. Tie these with bands or use tiny cute clips.

4. Layers

Another hairstyle which looks absolutely amazing on those with thin hair is layers. You can get random layers cut as it helps to add a certain volume while maintaining the style.  The hair will fall down on the shoulders or collarbones and can create an illusion of heaviness.

5. Bangs

bangsMessy slight bangs can also look very good on anyone who has thin hair, irrespective of the length.  Hair on the front can be kept short.

6. Straight with Chopped Ends

Straight hair with slightly chopped ends can also look great if the volume of the hair is light or thin.  The bangs can be kept till the eye level.

7. Sleek Bob

sleek bobSleek bob is a very classy look for anyone who has thin hair and when paired with middle parting, looks even more amazing.


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