Top 7 Hairstyles for a Beach Party

Headed for a beach party? Want to look different and in tune with the shining sun and the grainy sand? Well a creative hairstyle could help you enhance your beach look and make all the difference you need. Before you kick in for the fun day in the sun, make sure you do your hair which looks for a perfect party. The following are the top 7 hairstyles for a beach party:

1. Chic Bun

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This is a top hairstyle choice for a beach party, mostly because it is so comfortable to hold and doesn’t create a havoc of your hair. Make sure you apply a protective hair spray so as to avoid hair damage. This bun can be done right on top of the head for best results.

2. Wavy and Free

If you do not like tying your hair down in a bun, then you can try keeping your hair wavy and free. The natural wavy look is perfect for a beach party and adds to the fun. Do not forget applying a protective styling gel before stepping out.

3. French Braids

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Another hairstyle which works really well for a beach party is French braids. This hairstyle is both carefree as well as sophisticated. Start the braid from the hairline working your way to the ear. Secure the braids from each side with a plastic.

4. Braided Accents

This is surely one of the most popular and commonly seen hairstyle on a beach or on a beach party. This is a young, fresh and cool hairdo which can be done quickly and can be accessorized with cute beads or pins. You can make multiple braids at random points on the scalp.

5. Perfect Ponytail

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How can we forget the well tied perfect ponytail while discussing beach party hairstyles and looks? Well a ponytail keeps your hair from catching the sand or getting damaged and also looks cool with almost all beach party clothes.

6. Braid and Bun

If you are more inclined towards tying all your hair into a bun, then why not try the braid and bun look? This bun will look different from other buns in the party and will add uniqueness to your look.

7. Wavy Bob

If you sport short hair, then trying a wavy bob won’t be such a bad idea. This is a manageable hairstyle which will complement your beach party look.


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