The Hairdos for Medium Hair You Can Do at Home

The advantage of medium hair is that it isn’t too long or too short, and so it might be the ideal length for the majority of women. This is why there are so many women looking for hairdos for medium hair. There are numerous options that you could choose, just find the ones that are suitable for you.

Wave it to achieve medium hair hairstyles

In order to achieve sexy waves, you should start with using a gloss enhancing shampoo and a good conditioner. Then blow dry your hair straight with the help of a blow dryer.

Hairdos for Medium Hair

Take the strands from the front and curl them with the help of a curling iron. It is important to have curls at the bottom of the hair.

Long bob as one of the medium hair hairstyles

If this is the haircut that you have, then you should apply some styling cream on your hair before you dry it. In case you have straight hair, then all you have to do is to dry it without using a brush and in the end apply some styling cream. In the end add some shine spray.

On the other hand, to achieve this one of the hairdos for medium hair with wavy or curly hair, first you should dry the hair straight with the help of a round brush. Once the hair is dry you should flat iron it to achieve the sleek look that you would like to have with this one of the hairdos for medium hair.

Side swept look for medium hair hairstyles

The advantage of this one of the medium hair hairstyles is that it is very sexy. To achieve the right look, you should apply some texturizer on your hair and then dry the hair with the help of a bristle brush. To add some extra height, it might be a good idea to tease the hair at the crown. To finish this one of the hairdos for medium hair, you should take a section of hair and sweep it to the side.

Secure the strand with the help of a pin decorated with a flower. In the end spray the hair with light hairspray to make sure that the hairstyle will hold the entire night.

Day to night with medium hair hairstyles

If you have curly hair, you could have medium hair hairstyles that you can use both during the day and night. At the end of the day you should spray some enzyme rich and refreshing hairspray to bring the hair back to life. In the same time you could be using some beachy spray too for the same effect.

To achieve a cute one of the hairdos for medium hair you should rake your hair with the help of your fingers and secure it with a claw clip in the back. You could wrap a few strands around your fingers to define them.

As you can see there are numerous hairdos for medium hair that you could be using, and these can be created at home as well, without the help of a professional.


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