Easy Hair Updos for a Party Look and Casual Events

Hair updos look elegant and classy and suit most formal occasions. Casual updos look cute for informal gatherings and social interaction. One can tie their hair up in different ways depending on the length and texture of their hair. Medium and long hair, work perfectly for updos.

Hair updos – for parties and formal events

Elegantly done hair in neat rolls and updos set the formal tone for parties. These classic hairstyles compliment formal gowns and the little black dress too so you should show off your pretty neck and beautiful shoulders with neat updos that spell class.

Hair Updos

French twist

Create the French twist for its sheer beauty. It is an updo that looks lovely with all types of textures and needs chin length hair. Longer hair without layers is also suitable to create this classic updo.

Double bun

Try the double bun, a perfect hair updo for medium to long hair with long layers. The hair is twisted into two separate buns that are pinned to look like one.

Cascade updo

Go glam with the cascade updo. It looks lovely with hair of any texture type and works well with medium, to long hair preferably with no or long layers. Use texturizing spray on damp hair and tie into a loose pony. Don’t pull the hair tight or you will lose out on the texture.

Loop portions of the hair and secure with pins until all the hair is looped around in a cascade. Pull out a few tendrils to frame your face. Those who have bangs can leave them loose.

Side Chignon

A classic side chignon is perfect for parties. Tie your hair into a side pony behind your ear, and then twist it until it coils on itself. Coil the complete pony and secure with pins. Use hairspray to keep it in place. Such party updo is perfect for medium to long hair of any texture and it works better with no layers.

Choose from these hair updos to create a scintillating look for yourself the next time you have to attend a party. Use accessories to embellish.

Hair updos for casual events

Sometimes one can opt from the many casual hair updos, when getting ready for a casual gathering or even for their normal routine.

Simple styling

Comb through your wet hair and tie it into a high pony after sometime. Roll it into a bun and let it dry naturally. This will create a cute messy bun when it dries. Another interesting updo would be to evenly spread the hair around one’s pony, and pin them section by section forming a wheel like look. It will look cool once done neatly.

Curly meets messy

Those with very curly hair can try this interesting updo style. Squeeze out the extra water from your hair after a shower. Spray in a little leave in conditioner and pile up the hair on top of the head. Hold it there with your hand and examine yourself in the mirror, turn your head from side to side and check if the hair is how you would like it.

Now use a bunch of bobby pins to hold your hair in place. Pin up any stray hairs left over. When dry, this looks like a cool messy hair updo. The result will be a carefully careless look.


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