Having Fun with Messy Hair Do

You’ve all seen those shows where people go out with messy hair, like they just woke up from bed. They do look classy and stylish with some attires and looks. Now you want to re-create that with your own hair, and don’t know how? Here are a few ways you can do that – be it with the hair open, buns, ponytails, braids – the messy look can be attained with any length and type of hair.

How to Achieve these Styles

fun with messy hair do

By keeping it open

If you want to keep your hair down and make it messy; wet your hair partially. Make sure it’s not dripping with water, but just wet enough to go for a pat towel dry. Take your blow dryer and dry your hair. Don’t dry it completely, but keep it slightly wet here and there.

You can also apply some hair products (gel or mousse) after sectioning your hair and then scrunch up those places with your fingers gently. The gel should not be concentrated anywhere or else it will give an oily and sticky look. For added messy look, you can also tease your hair with an appropriate comb to different parts of your hair. Now apply hair spray so it will stay in place.

Messy Bun

To make a messy bun there are many different ways to do it. First you need to brush your hair and make sure there are no tangles, no matter which way you do it. Then you can either pull it up in a ponytail. While you are pulling the last strand, don’t pull the whole thing at one sway but keep behind just a bit to be held in the hair band.

Brush that hair and pull it to the sides to give the messy look. You can also put your hair in a ponytail style and then twist it around the ponytail by securing it with another hair band, or bobby pins. Finally, pull out some wisps of hair and you are done with a messy bun behind.

Ponytail Messed Up

For a messy ponytail the first thing you need to is pull it up, don’t use a brush to create a nice even flat surface like you normally do, but scoop the hair up with your hands. You can also turn your head upside down and gather your hair up and secure it.

To make it even messier, you can put it on any side you want or you can pull down wisps of hair. You can also do the same thing you would do to make your hair messy in general, teasing it or giving some product and scrunch it up.

Side Ponytail

To create the messy braid, start with a side ponytail; securing it with a rubber band at the end. Then using a comb, tease the ponytail as much as you want. Then take the hair and braid it, not as you normally would, but a bit looser. Then cut the rubber band, making sure not to cut your hair, and finally pull out some wisps of hair.

Getting the messy hair look is easier than it seems. It’s also so much more fun, and such a hot look these days. There are so many different looks to choose from, but whichever one you choose, you are bound to love it.

Photo Credit By: bellasugar.com


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