10 Easy Steps to Back Comb Your Hair

You don’t have to have extremely volumized hair or full bodied hair to make your mop look rich and beautiful. Neither do you have to spend a fortune just to improve the volume of your hair. Something as simple as backcombing can result in volatized-looking hair and add that extra bounce to them. The following are the 10 easy steps to back comb your hair:easy steps to back comb your hair

1. The first step is to prep your hair by washing them with a volumizing shampoo. The shampoo must not make your hair extra dry.

2. After this, you must use a conditioner that adds bounce and the extra volume to your hair.

3. The third step is to use a volumizing gel or mousse in your hair. For best results, you can use a wide bush to distribute the gel in your hair evenly.

4. The next step is to turn your head upside down and then use a blow dryer to dry your hair. This upside down blow drying will add a lot of volume to your hair.

5. The fifth step in the process of back combing your hair is to select that section of the hair where you want to do the backcombing. Try out a few positions and see how they would look after the back combing is done. The best part of the hair is the hair just above your forehead. Try and grasp that part of the hair and hold it taut to see how the volume will look.

6. Now the next step is to tease the hair backward. For this, you will need to place your brush of a fine tooth comb halfway between where your hand is and the roots of the hair. Apply brushstrokes in a downward direction and towards the scalp. Repeat this until a cushion is formed. To avoid hair falling out from this cushion, use a little hair spray.

7. Now, you can smooth the tangled hair and make your hair look even.

8. The next step is to move onto the next section of hair that you wish to backcomb. Continue this process until you get all the desired areas backcombed properly.

9. To finish the look, use a comb to smoothen the top layer of hair and make sure that the back combing isn’t visible.

10. Clip your hair with pins on the back to hold the look together.

Photo Credit By: yourbeauty411.com


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