Learn to Dye Emo Hairstyles the Right Way

There are numerous different ways in which people could express themselves, and one of them is to have emo hairstyles. In case a person gets green hair it doesn’t mean that he or she is going to fail in school, run away or start using drugs. While others are getting tattoos, other people prefer to express themselves in a less permanent way.

Getting ready of the hairstyles for emos

The first thing you have to decide on is the intensity and the color of the hair. If you don’t feel confident enough to rock the same color for a longer period of time, you could get a temporary dye but in case you are sure that this is what you want, you could also get the most vibrant and electric colors you can think of.

Emo Hair Styles

If you are sure that you want hairstyles for emos, then you should condition your hair so that it will be in its best condition before bleaching or dyeing. This way you can ensure that you hair won’t get dry just like a straw in the end.

Temporary hair dye

One of the things that you may want to try to achieve emo hairstyles for a short period of time is to use a color comb. The advantage is that it is relatively inexpensive and it wears off quite fast.

For sure you will find the product in specialty shops or costume shops. These kinds of hairstyles for emos last until you wash your hair.

Although you might think that you have to wash your hair on a daily basis, this isn’t true, even more, the natural oils could do well for your hair. So you can have the same hairstyle for the couple of days.

Such a solution for the emo hairstyles is perfect for those who have to look impeccable for their school or work, but would like to go wild in the weekend. Nonetheless in case of children it might be better to ask for the permission of the parents.

Bleaching the hair

In case you would like to have hairstyles for emos in an intensive color, no matter what color you choose the first thing you should do is to bleach your hair. There are numerous different kinds of bleaches that you can find in stores, ranging from gentle to intense. In case you have light hair and you would like emo hairstyles, it is enough to opt for a 20 weight bleach. The lighter the natural color of your hair is, the less lightening is required. Make sure that you use a developer based on cream.

Before starting the work, read the instructions of the manufacturer. When creating the hairstyles of emos you should make sure that you are working from the roots towards the tips. You should have vaseline at the roots of the hair because this way your skin won’t turn into a white line that catches the eyes of people.

As you can see it is easy to create emo hairstyles.


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