The Cutest Short Wedding Hairstyles

In the majority of the cases when people think about the wedding hairstyles they believe that long hair is a must for the dream hairstyles. Still there are numerous short wedding hairstyles that women simply love and so there is no point in you trying to grow your hair for years and cut it once the wedding is over.

Focus on the bangs in case of the short hairstyles for weddings

One of the celebrities that had a hairstyle that could inspire you is Cristina Ricci. She had some shiny fringes that soon got to be in the center of attention.

Short Wedding Hairstyles

In case you have slightly longer hair, you could pin it up in the back to create a faux bun as short wedding hairstyles. If you have the right bangs, it doesn’t even matter if your hair doesn’t have that much volume.

Waves and pins for short hairstyles for weddings

You might have seen Milla Jovovich with an amazing hairstyle that was more than just elegant. She had bangs hiding one of her eyes, and naturally those were curly. On the other side of her head she had the hair tucked behind her ear and pinned there to open her face up a bit.

Waves and no pins for short hairstyles

There are some short wedding hairstyles that require waves, but there is no need to be using pins. This is the style that Keira Knightley opted for, and we have to admit that she looked glamorous. You just have to curl your hair and let it loose. Naturally you could style it with a bit of pomade and hairspray.

Deep side part as short hairstyles

In case you would like to make sure that the one you choose from the short hairstyles for weddings will be more interesting than all the rest, you should consider starting with a deep side part, even before curling the hair. This one of the short hairstyles for weddings offers you more possibilities, such as side swept bangs and it opens the face, making it more difficult for the hair to hide it.

Fake updo for short hairstyles for weddings

If you feel like it is a must to have an updo at your wedding and you have been looking for short wedding hairstyles, then you could fake one. This is the trick that Carey Mulligan used at one point. Although she had a pixie cut, people truly believed that she had long hair. The secret is to tease the crown and to push it forward to create the illusion of long hair.

Forward swept for short hairstyles

When looking for short hairstyles for wedding you might think that you won’t find any pixie hairstyles. Well, you are wrong; although the hairstyle is quite short, it is relatively versatile, and one of the things that you could do is to sweep the strands in the front.

Curls framing the face as short hairstyles

If you like the hairstyle of Halle Berry, you could use it as one of the short wedding hairstyles. You could have some longer strands around your face so that they would frame it.


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