Cute Ideas for Wavy Hairstyles

Some people say that having wavy hairstyles is the best. This is because they aren’t as sleek as the straight hairstyles, but they aren’t as rebellious as the curly hairstyles either. These hairstyles are easier to handle and they could be turned into romantic hairstyles. Let’s see how the celebrities look with their wavy hairstyles.

Emma Stone and hairstyles for wavy hair

The actress’ red locks look simply marvelous. She was glowing with her tousled curls, and she added a romantic touch to the look by sweeping the bangs to the side. The best thing about this hairstyle is that is works both for the day and the night.

Wavy HairstylesKatie Cassidy offer her wavy hairstyles

This one of the hairstyles for wavy hair might be the perfect choice for the women who would like to keep their sexy look, but still she wants to add a dirty spin to her style. The main point of the hairstyle is to have relaxed waves and not to look too polished.

Olivia Munn with her hairstyles for wavy hair

Although a lot of women opt for the blonde color when it comes to the wavy hairstyles, she stuck to the dark brown color. The most distinct feature of the look is that it is piece-y. In case you are preparing for the summer, this is the hairstyle that you should choose, because it is resistant to heat.

Ciara and her hairstyles for wavy hair

It is said that blonde women have more fun, but black hair adds an edge. The singer decided to have both and got one of the two toned hairstyles for wavy hair. The blond strands can be seen in the under layers. The dramatic look of the hairstyle is given by the bangs.

Pixie Lott and hairstyles for wavy hair

If you are looking for some wavy hairstyles that work for just any occasion, ranging from coffee with the girls to a dream date, this is the hairstyle that you were searching for. The pouf on the top and the relaxed waves make the hairstyle truly special.

Kristen Stewart offers her wavy hairstyles

We already got used to the hairstyles for wavy hair of the actress. In the majority of the cases she goes for the casual look, not having too much work with hair hairstyle, allowing the natural curls to take the stage. Also she opts for a natural looking color.

Jamie King with her hairstyles for wavy hair

In case you are preparing for a heavy night, this one of the wavy hairstyles is just great for you. Opt for this wavy bob. In order to achieve some more glamour, you could create a deep side part just as the celebrity did. The advantage of the hairstyle is that it is quite easy and fast to create.

Drew Barrymore and hairstyles for wavy hair

A lot of women have seen that the hairstyles for wavy hair add extra fullness and body to the hair. In order to achieve this boho hairstyle you just have to use the blow dryer, hairspray and a large barrel curling iron could also come in handy.

There are a lot of celebrities with wavy hairstyles, and there are even more women in the real world who opt for such hairstyles.


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