The Curly Hair Styles You Can Hold on To

It’s not easy to live with curly hair, but keep in mind that there are numerous curly hair styles that you could try and that could make your life easier. Since there are so many options to explore, you have the possibility to change your hairstyles every 6 months.

Layers for hairstyles for curly hair

In many cases the hairstylists cut numerous layers to add dimension to the hair. This could be the biggest mistake of them all, because the layers make the hair frizz.

Curly Hair Styles

In case you would like to make sure that you won’t have problems with frizzes, you should get longer layers. If you wouldn’t want to use the flat iron for your hairstyles for curly hair, ask the hairstylist to cut 3-4 layers with the help of a razor.

The uneven texture is just great for hairstyles of this kind. To fight the frizzes you should be using curling mousse or spray and your life will become easier.

Scrunched curly hair styles

If you scrunch you hair you could get rid of the frizzes and you could also create ringlets instead of the limp curls. In order to achieve it you should comb your damp hair with a wide toothed comb. Then flip your hair upside down and apply some mousse. Scrunch the hair towards your scalp to create the curls and waves.

Repeat the process until all of your hair has been scrunched for this one of the hairstyles for curly hair. Then blow dry the hair using a diffuser. The curls should be dried on a low or medium heat. Then flip your head back and spray with hairspray to maintain the look.

Pulled back curly hair styles

In case you are fighting with curly hair that goes lump all the time, consider getting a half updo. Gather the top part of your hair in the back, backcombing it. Then smooth the top. Secure the hair in the back with a clasp claw or an elastic band. To make sure that the hairstyle holds, spray the hair with hairspray.

Bangs for hairstyles for curly hair

There are numerous different styles to choose from if you would like to have bangs. You could have side swept bangs, or parted on a single side. Also you could straighten them with a straightening iron or have them curled on your forehead. The bangs are just great for the scrunched or pulled back hairstyles.

Pixie as curly hair styles

Since the hair is short and there is no weight pulling the curls down, the hair will become more textured. It is very easy to create this style. All you have to do for this one of the hairstyles for curly hair is to apply some straightening cream on your damp hair to loosen the curls a bit. Then dry the hair using the blow drier.

This way you can make this one of the curly hair styles look puffy and you can enhance the natural texture of the hair.

Curly Hair Styles


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