Crimping Your Hair At Home

Crimping hair at home is easy and can be done with a crimping machine or by braiding. Follow the given steps to crimp your hair at home:

Crimping Your Hair At Home

Crimping using a Crimping Machine

1. Shampoo your hair.

2. Dry the hair thoroughly and brush out any knots.

3. Apply a heat protector or a gel to your hair.

4. Now heat the crimping machine. The machine looks like a hand held paddle with two arms hinged in the middle. The inside of the paddle has the ridges to crimp your hair.

5. Once the machine is heated for about 5-10 minutes it is ready to use on your hair.

6. Divide your hair into four sections and secure with clips. Take small sections of the hair and starting near the crown or the roots crimp the hair as you go down to the tips.

7. Clip away the crimped hair. After you have crimped all the hair sections, leave it down and check if any section is remaining. Crimp that section again.

8. Now put your head down bending from your waist and let the hair hang. Run your fingers through your hair from root to tip at nape and back of head. Now straighten up and run your finger through the hair once more.

Crimping with Braids

1. Shampoo your hair.

2. Dry the hair but not fully dry.

3. Now taking small sections of your hair braid tightly. Remember to braid really tightly to get a proper crimp. One more thing to consider is to start the braid as near the scalp as possible and to braid it all the way till almost the tip of the hair. Do not take very small sections as it will end up making your hair look frizzy instead of crimped.

4. Secure the end of each braid with a rubber band or a piece of thread.

5. Now spray some water on the braids and leave it for 7-8 hours. You may also do this the night before and sleep on it.

6. Next morning open all the braids. You have wonderfully crimped hair. Run your fingers through the hair to give it a natural look.

Crimping your hair looks wonderfully retro, but you should take care of the crimped hair. It is a well-known fact that direct heat spoils hair robbing its moisture. So try not to use a crimping machine too often on your hair. If at all you are using the machine, do so after applying heat protector to your hair. Do not wet your crimped hair or the effect will be lost. Also, do not comb or brush your crimped hair. Instead, just run your fingers through it to give it a natural look.

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