3 Cool Hairstyles for Teens

Being a teenager is never easy, but your job could be made easier if you find some cool hairstyles that you can rock on a daily basis or on special occasions. In this case it is best to be looking for hairstyles that set you apart from the rest of the girls.

1. Knotted pigtails

To achieve the hairstyle, start with adding some height by teasing the hair at the top. Once you are done, apply some strong hold hairspray to maintain the height of the hair. Divide the hair into two in the back, and these should be divided again into two sections.

Cool Hairstyles

To achieve this one of the hairstyles that are cool you should use the strands to tie knots, similarly as you do with shoelaces.

Repeat the process until you reach the end of the hair. In order to hold the style, apply a generous amount of hairspray at the end of the hair.

2. Crinkly ponytail

This is another one of the cool hairstyles and to achieve it you should start by dividing the hair into sections and wrap them all around the barrel of a curling iron.

Once you are done with the entire hair, divide it into two sections and tie a knot using the hair. In order to make sure that this one of the hairstyles that are cool will stay in place, you should secure the strands with bobby pins.

You shouldn’t worry about the rebellious strands, because the messier the hairstyle is, the better. Don’t forget to spray the hair with hairspray to hold it in place.

3. Blunt bob

This is one of the cool hairstyles of the moment. In this case it is important to have strong, moisturized and sleek hair and this is why it is good to condition the hair after you have washed it. Since you are going to work with heat, apply a heat protectant product.

In case of this one of the hairstyles that are cool you should apply the product while the hair is still wet. This way the hair will become smooth and soft even if you flat iron it. Divide the hair into two inch sections to make the process of flat ironing easier.

When you are straightening the hair for this one of the cool hairstyles, you should start working at the roots towards the ends and it might be a good idea to curve the hair under at the ends. The bangs should be ironed as well. To get rid of the flyaways, apply some pomade on the hair.

In case you are looking for hairstyles that are cool, you may want to consider the hairstyles that have been rocked by celebrities. Such celebrities include Michelle Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emma Watson. Some other hairstyles you may like include the braided ones.

You may see that there are a lot of cool hairstyles that you could rock on the halls of the school and at special events.


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