What Cool Hairstyles for Men Will Rock the Next Season?

If you are looking for cool hairstyles for men for the next season, then you should know that you are lucky that there are numerous different styles available, and for sure you will find some that you will like and that will be worth trying. Just follow the lead of celebrities.

Buzz cut as men’s cool hairstyles

In case you are looking for a sleek hairstyle that is easy to maintain, you should consider getting a buzz cut. Some people think that it is something like the military style, while other people say that it reminds them of the 1950s.

Cool Hairstyles for Men

No matter what you think, this style is smoking hot during this season. One of the reasons for which this one of the men’s cool hairstyles is gaining more and more popularity is that there are a lot of celebrities rocking the style, such as Matt Damon and David Beckham.

Both of them have the same style at the moment. In case you aren’t ready for this one of the cool hairstyles for men then you may consider getting a very short cut. In this case the clippers blade should be set to two or three to achieve longer hair than the buzz cut, but short enough to be carefree.

Long layers for cool hairstyles

It looks like there is some contradiction regarding the men’s cool hairstyles because we can find both very short and long styles. This shows that the hairstyles of the season are very versatile. For this hairstyle you should let your hair grow longer.

If you think that this one of the cool hairstyles for men isn’t suitable for you because you don’t want to have long hair all over, you could keep the length in the back at collar length, and allow the hair in the front and on the sides to grow longer. This way you could have side swept bangs.

Just as in the previous case of men’s cool hairstyles, the style has been introduced by celebrities including Justin Bieber who is said to be the main trendsetter in this case. Although you may think otherwise, there are a lot of men who look amazing with long hair.

Textured cut as men’s cool hairstyles

In case you have coarse hair and a long face shape, then this is the right one of the cool hairstyles for men for you. In this case the hair is rough cut and there is a shaving technique used. In order to style it you should apply styling wax on your hair and distribute it evenly.

In case of this one of the men’s cool hairstyles it is important to remember that the messier the hair is, the better. You should let the hair dry on its own. This way you can make the best of the texture of the hair, and the haircut will also become more visible.

Faux Mohawk as men’s cool hairstyles

There are a lot of people who are happy that the Mohawk went out of style and it got replaced by the faux Mohawk as one of the cool hairstyles for men.


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