2012 Hairstyles for Prom

With the prom dress, accessories and shoes decided, it is time to look at some hairstyles for prom, to complete the picture. The perfect look, so desired by all girls on their prom night, can be complete only when the hairstyle chosen compliments the dress and the girl.

Choosing a hairstyle is almost as difficult as choosing the dress. The prom hairstyle should look perfect with the prom dress chosen and should look good on the girl wearing. The hairstyle should reflect her personality and not make her look like a completely different person.

Current trend in hairstyles for prom

Hairstyles for Prom

2012 is seeing plenty of action in prom fashion. Many girls may opt for hairstyles that are endorsed by celebrities through the year. Remember to choose a hairstyle that suits your look.

There is a lot to choose from, you can either go for the regular hairstyles for prom that have been in vogue since forever or you can decide to make your own style statement.

However, a few hot things for this year’s prom hairstyles will include retro hairstyles, beads, feathers and other hair accessories, braids, knots and ballerina buns. Again, remember that the prom hairstyle should compliment your dress.

How to narrow down the choices?

A heavily embellished dress will look great with a simple hairstyle and minimum accessories and vice versa. To choose the perfect prom hairstyle let us look at the prom dress first. If you have chosen a small flirty dress, you might like to opt for cute wavy hairstyles for prom. These will compliment your dress and enhance the cute look.

If you have chosen a bold dress that has a long slit or is strapless you could choose from hairstyles that bring out the vixen in you. These could be hairstyles that have half the hair pinned up and the other half trailing on the shoulder. You can personalize it by using beautiful hair accessories like combs or sliders.

If you want your look to reflect your free spirit, choose from boho-chic hairstyles for prom. Get inspired by celebrities who flaunt this flower power look in their own individual ways. Use beads and other tiny accessories in the front braids to give your personal touch.

Girls who have chosen long fitting gowns can opt for glamorous hairstyles that look elegant and add to the complete look.

Practice, practice and practice

Choose your prom hairstyle in time, so that you can practice it to perfect it. A new hairstyle may leave you completely distraught on the final day if it is the first time you are doing it. The last thing you want is to be late or to have to opt for a simpler hairstyle at the last minute. Practice it enough to feel confident about making it on the final day.

Tips for the day

Carry a brush, Kirby grips and hairspray with you so that you can fix your hair in a jiffy if something goes wrong. Remember to have someone check your hairstyle for prom from all angels so that you are not caught on camera with something that looks funny. Look like a princess with the best of hairstyles for prom.


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