Tips to Select Right Hairspray

Every woman enjoys styling her hair by making different hairstyles. If you too love giving your hair a new makeover on every special occasion, a hair spray is something which you should definitely have. A hair spray helps you keep the hair style intact by providing a strong hold and stability to your hair.

Though there are many hairsprays available in the market, you should select the right one, depending upon your hair type and more importantly, depending upon the hair style which you are planning to have.

tips to select right hairspray

Hairsprays are classified in three main types demanding upon the holding capacity of it. It means the capacity of the hair to retain the style in which they are set by keeping the hair stiff. There are:

Light Hold

Light hold hairsprays mainly keep the hair in their style for 2 to 3 hours. They give your hair a more natural and less stiff finish and tame the strands which are otherwise frizzy. They provide a flexible hold to the hair with the help of which normal hair styles can stay intact. It is the best for setting up curls and waves. It can easily be brushed out of the hair locks and makes the hair look shinier than usual.

Medium Hold

Medium hold sprays offer a stiffer hold than the light hold spray but still gives a natural look to your hair. It makes the hair easier to manage and helps them hold their styled shape for 8 to 9 hours easily. It adds volume to your hair and hence, it is the best for people with thin hair. It helps keep fizziness and unmanageable hair away. If you require minimum efforts to style your hair and want to do half up half down hairstyles and enhance soft and natural waves.

Strong Hold

These hair sprays help you handle the hair which is hard to manage otherwise. It helps add volume to thin and fine hair. It you want to style your hair in a way which cannot be stiff without a spray, strong hold would be the best. It adds shine to the hair and manages frizzy hair. It helps resist the humidity and keeps body filled styles in place.

Choose your hair spray the way you want depending upon the hairstyle you want, your hair type and also according to the budget you have planned.


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