Side Effects of Using Hair Conditioner

If you are interested in the side effects of using hair conditioner, you should know that people have been using oils for centuries to lock in the moisture and to avoid dryness. Today the conditioners are supposed to have the same effect.

Side Effects of Using Hair Conditioner


The conditioners of this kind come with humectants. These form bonds with the water to lock the moisture in. Besides the conditioners, these are also among the ingredients of the body lotions that you can find on the market.

The conditioners are meant to trap the moisture and to hold it in your hair. The side effect that can appear is that the hair can become greasy and dull.


Just as the name suggests regarding the hair conditioner use side effects, the reconstructors come with protein that boosts the structure of hair. These conditioners come with high levels of protein and they penetrate your hair to the deepest levels and thus they have long lasting effects. The other conditioners based on protein only smooth the shaft of hair. The possible side effect that may appear is that the hair can become oversaturated and the treatment will do more harm than good.


These are meant to help the hair restore its surface. If the hair is affected by sunlight, pollution or other environmental factors, the acid level of the hair can increase and the shaft of the hair may tighten. The hair conditioners of this kind regulate the pH level of the hair to normal levels, of 2.5-3.5. As a result the hair will become healthier, but it is important not to overdo things because the hair can become too acid and it will break easily.

Detangling Conditioners

The women ought to know that the detangling conditioners have similar effects to the acidifiers, but they also come with polymers that add gloss and shine to the hair besides making it stronger. A side effect could be that the hair will get used to being treated and in the absence of the substances it will be extremely dry.

Desired Effects

If you have to think about the hair conditioning products’ side effects, you should make sure that you choose the product you use based on the effects that you would like to achieve. The effectiveness of the conditioner is also influenced by the amount of time that you let it set for so it is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

There are not many side effects of using hair conditioner if you follow the instructions. The important thing to remember is not to use too much product because your hair will suffer unexpected problems.


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