Beautify Long Hair with Apt Accessories

If you have long hair and are sick of it looking boring and bland, here are a few tips to help it look a bit more fun or glamorous. You can change the accessories up to suit whatever outfit you are wearing, whether it be for the office, a date, or going out for a night on the town.

Here are a few tips; you can use flowers, hair bands, scarfs, braids, belts and barrettes to get a modified look. Below given are the steps of using these accessories for long hair –

long hair with apt accessories

It should go well with your Look

First off, make sure you place your accessories on the table, or something in front of you, and make sure you pick something that matches what you are wearing. You don’t want your accessories to clash, too much, with your outfit.

Easiest Option is Hairbands

One of the simplest ways to accessorize is a hairband. Brush your hair in your normal style and put the hairband at the front of the head and push it back, while lightly pushing down. There are many styles of hairbands, fat, skinny, and some may have designs, or flowers or other items attached to them.


You can use fresh flowers or fake flowers. If you are using fresh flowers simply place the flower wherever you want it in your hair and secure it with a few bobby pins, so that it doesn’t fall out of place. With fake flowers you can use the bobby pin trick if you want, or you can glue them to a barrette or bobby pin.

Scarfs make Hair Look Prominent

Scarves, they are amazingly multifunctional. You can wear them around your neck, your waist, or best, around your hair! Just take the scarf, and wrap it around your head. You can wrap it in many different ways, and can make it in any size you want. If you like 2 that would go with your outfit you can merely twist them together to make one, and tie it in your hair. Tie the bow, under your hair, on top, on the side, or wherever you want it placed.

Use Barrettes

One of the simplest ways t accessorize long hair is to use barrettes. These days many different varieties and colors of bobby pins are available. Just pull up some hair and make a criss cross shape with them, so the hair is held up. Or you can simply just pull back the sides of your hair with some sparkly ones.

Elastic Belts

If you have a small elastic belt, you can use it in your hair. All you need to do is make sure it is put on from underneath the hair and secured. You can secure it on any side you want, even the bottom.

Sleek Braids with Highlights

Also, you can use braids. Take a piece of the hair on the side and braid it, then take it and pull it to the other side, and do the same. You can also braid some hair underneath and if you want, take something, like chalk, to give the braid some color so it will stand out.

There are many interesting and creative ways you can accessorize your long hair. Find the one that suits your style and look gorgeous.

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