Easiest Hair Accessories to do at Home

Hair accessories are enhancements and embellishments that help in giving a beautiful and “stylo” look to your hair. Traditionally hair clips and ribbons were more than enough to “fashionize” your hair but today there are myriad of hair accessories available in the market for different types of hair. However, making these at home can be a challenge if you are not aware of the tricky art.

These DIY hair accessories not only will look simple yet elegant and you can use them to style your hair in your own way. These graceful additions to your fashion statement are perfect to be used on any special occasion and can be easily made at home with little effort, time and some funky materials. Below mentioned are some tips for making hair accessories easily at your home.

easiest hair accessories to do at homeHair band painted with nail paints and colorful flowers

If you need a multi-colored hair band or a hair band with specific color, then it is recommended that you follow this tip. You will just need a simple hair band. An old hair band would also do the needful. Clean it well and use the required paints to make it look colorful and trendy. Before applying different nail paints, it is recommended that you make use of black or white nail paint so that it would give a clean look. You can also fix any artificial flower on one side so that it looks wonderful.

Beaded Elastics

If you do not want to tie your hair with simple elastic, then it is recommended that you add some beads to the elastic to give it a beautiful and trendy look. Make use of beads of good and elegant colors so that you can give a royal look to it.

Hair Bow

Hair bow would look wonderful for your beautiful hair. You can make bows with the help of some cloth pieces and this is extremely simple to be done and will just take a few minutes. Fix some pins to it so that you can easily fix it to your hair. You can make as many bows as possible that that it suits every dress that you wear.

Hanging Beads

To a simple clip, you can tie a string and add some small beads to it and let it hang. This will look absolutely stunning and will definitely catch the attention of people. Colored small beads would look the best and this is an innovative way to make hair accessories.

The above mentioned hair accessories are easy to make and need minimum materials that too are easily available. So bang on the next party with the best of your DIY hair accessories and stand apart from the crowd!


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