10 Ways to Make your Hair Smell Good

Bad smelling hair can be a big turn off for males and females both. Taking care of the overall hair health, appearance and fragrance is as important as taking care of your skin and body.

Hair forms an important part of our personality and hence all efforts must be made to keep them tidy looking, clean and nice-smelling. The following are the top 10 ways to make your hair smell good:

ways to make your hair smell good1. Regular Wash

The best way to ensure that hair smell good is to wash them regularly.  Washing of hair keeps them clean and hence keeps the bad smell away.

2. Using Lemon

Using lemon while washing hair is also a good way to make them smell good. Lemon has a natural citrus smell which works well for the hair and is also a good way to keep dandruff away.

3. Use Rose Water

Another way to make your hair smell good is to use rose water while shampooing your hair. You can also soak your hair in rose water for some time to make them smell good.

4. Jasmine Oil

Jasmine is a nice smelling flower, the juice of which can make your hair smell nice.  You can massage your hair with jasmine oil regularly to keep the bad smell away.

5. Use Flowers

To make your hair smell nice, you can use flowers on them. You can adorn your hair with nice smelling flowers which will leave your hair smelling fragrant even when you take them off.

6. Hibiscus Oil

Using hibiscus oil on your hair is another way to make them fragrant and fresh.  This oil has a fragrant aroma which works really well for the hair.

7. Smoked Essence

Using smoked essence on your hair is a good way to keep your hair smelling nice.

8. Using Henna

The smell of henna is another superb way to make your hair look beautiful and smell nice. It has a distinct smell which goes well with your hair.

9. Tea Leaves

You can wash your hair with premium tea leaves to give a special distinct fragrance to your hair.  You can use tea leaves by boiling them in water.

10. Stay away from Heat

A great way to keep bad smell away from your hair is by staying away from heat.  When scalp is kept clean and does not sweat, then the hair will not smell bad and will keep your head cool as well.

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