The Unhealthy Hair Practices that you Should Know

Everyone is not blessed with beautiful hair – true; but with today’s advanced knowledge on beautification and hair it’s possible to have shiny, healthy and lustrous hair. However, maintaining the right hair regime is unknown to many; you might be following the popular hair care myths but are you actually sure if it’s good for your hair? People often practice unhealthy habits and this is the root cause of damaged, rough and dull hair.

It is necessary that you overcome these unhealthy practices so that healthy tresses can be all yours. Below mentioned are some unhealthy hair practices, which you should avoid.

unhealthy hair practices that you should knowHair Extensions

Hair extensions look amazing on your hair. However, this would damage the roots your hair. Once the roots have been damaged, it would be a little difficult to get back your beautiful hair and hence, it would require a lot of efforts. Hence, make sure that you never go for hair extensions as natural beauty is always considered the best.

Excess Brushing

If you think brushing hair often will make your hair strong and it would facilitate quick growth, then you are wrong. When you over brush your hair, then it will break and your hair is sure to get split ends. Also make sure that you do not brush wet hair as it would lead to split ends.

Washing Hair Often

If you want clean hair, then it is a good thing. However, you have to make sure that you do not wash your hair on a regular basis as the natural oils of your hair will get eliminated and this will make your hair look dull and dry.

Using a Hair Dye

This is a known fact. However, people have not stopped using hair dye. Even if you use hair dye that is free from Ammonia, this will lead to damage of your hair in the long run. Hence, make sure not to use hair colour frequently, as it will definitely lead to damage of hair.

Not using a Good Conditioner

Once you have washed your hair, never miss to use a good conditioner. Conditioner is essential to maintain the moisture level and it will never make your hair look dry.

Excess Hair Products

When you use a lot of hair products to take care of your hair, you might be damaging them. Hence, try to avoid the harmful hair products as much as possible.

Thus avoid the above mentioned harmful and unhealthy hair practices to have healthy and shiny hair.


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