Important Tips to follow to Prevent Head Lice

Lice on head are a serious and embarrassing problem that you should never ignore. The lice family can breed on your scalp in no time and that is quite irritating and it also spoils your appearance in public. Especially among children this is a major problem as the lice is spread from school and other children who does not follow proper hygiene. Excessive itching leading to scars on head is very commonly seen among the people having lice. Below mentioned are a few tips to avoid the growth and spreading of lice on your scalp:

tips to follow to prevent head liceEducate your Kids on not to Share Personal Belongings

Personal belongings such as coats, scarves and brushes should not be shared among the friends and school mates as you never know who has lice and who doesn’t. The kids should also avoid head to head contact as much as possible. They should be educated on maintaining good hygiene always.

Should be Careful when Resting

When resting, make sure that the kids do not share the pillow, beddings or carpets with others or they should not use such things that have already been used by others. In this way you will be able to control the spreading of lice to some extent at least.

Cut Hair Short

Lice would most of the times get attracted to long and thick hair. Hence, it is better to cut their hair short and make sure to tie the hair always. Combing is essential on a daily basis with combs having thick as well as thin brushes.

Check the Hair Once in Two Days

Lice multiply quickly and hence, it is essential to check their hair at regular intervals. Within a day or two they quickly get multiplied and at a later stage, removal of lice becomes a problem. Hence, it is essential that you check the hair at least once in two days to avoid any lice eggs.

Prevention of the lice is always better than removal at a later stage. Removing lice will require a lot of efforts and as they multiply quickly, it will result in a lot of problems.

Hence, it is required that you take good care to avoid the occurrence of lice by following the above mentioned tips. There are also many herbal oils and hair tonics that assure the prevention of lice and also kills them to some extent but make sure to check that they do not have any side effects.

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