Colour With Confidence: Hair Colouring Problems And Easy Solutions

Colouring hair has several pluses to it. It helps to cover the greys. It makes hair look the shade that goes with your complexion, and it is definitely a huge style statement! Some hair colours claim to add shine and bounce to the hair. Celebrities endorse most hair colour brands and some even have their signature shade.

Hair Colouring Problems And Easy Solutions


But many people face certain problems after coloring their hair and often are at a loss for solutions. This makes people shy away from the idea of hair colouring. Here are some prominent hair colouring problems and the related solutions.

Parched hair lacking lustre: People often complain that after colouring their hair, the hair looks dull and lifeless, as if it is parched. This may happen due to lack of moisture in your hair. Hair colours often contain agents that dehydrate the hair causing hair to lose its lustre. The solution to this problem is simple.  Pick a good quality moisturizing mask and apply it at regular intervals after colouring your hair. It will replenish the lost moisture and bring back the bounce and shine.

Hair breakage: Ammonia helps to deposit the colour at the very core of the strands making the colour hold. But this chemical is also highly alkaline and has damaging effects on the hair. The primary solution is to choose ammonia free hair dyes. These hair colours are slightly more expensive and may not stay for as long as the ammonia dyes, but it will not cause any hair breakage. Also, never brush your hair when they are wet as it is only aggravate the hair breakage

Fading colour: Many people, even with healthy hair face this hair colouring problem. One reason is the use of regular shampoos, especially anti-dandruff ones. Always use colour protection shampoos that are specifically designed for coloured hair. Another reason can be chlorine in water that causes fast fading. If you use a swimming pool ensure you have a shower cap on to prevent any chlorine water contact with your coloured hair.

Severe split ends: Split ends are major hair colouring problems and need to be treated at the earliest to ensure that the hair do not become weak. The chemicals in the hair dye can often be the cause for split ends. So what should be done to treat them? Once the hair is coloured start applying oil before shampooing. Brush your hair lightly and untangle them as often as possible. Tangled hair is unhealthy and leads to hair damage and split ends.

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