Olive Oil Help You Get Rid Of Lice

Lice are a constant irritant and mostly attack the children. Vegetable oils are significantly beneficial in treating lice. Research has been confirmed that olive oil really treats the lice problem, and it is organic and it doesn’t cause any side effects.  In accordance with Harvard School of Public Health, the lice when suppressed in olive oil for a long time around 2 hours disappear due to suffocation.

The olive oil acts by covering the skin of the full-grown lice badly off the oxygen. Hence breathing comes to an end and they die. Olive oil is utilized for killing lice and releases the clench of nits on the hair tunnel by spreading vinegar to the hair following the hair wash. Home-made vinegar helps in losing the grip of nits after cleansing your hair with shampoo and it is very simple to abolish them when it is wet.

Olive Oil Help You Get Rid Of Lice

Treatment to get rid of the lice

  • It has three steps to get rid of the lice from our head. Firstly, destroy the lice and shed the nits by combing or hand picking, and wipe it with disinfectant. For this treatment, utilize fair brands of olive oil that improves the natural oiliness.
  • To separate lice from the head of the kid, steep the scalp of the child with olive oil and enfold a plastic wrap all over the head.
  • See that the plastic wrap is rigid so that no air is touching the scalp of the kid.
  • Allow it to rest for 3 hours so that lice get suffocation and die.
  • Rinse the hair with shampoo so that all the remains of the oil and shampoo are totally cleansed.
  • Separate the dead lice from the wet hair by combing it. Because of applying plenty of olive oil on the scalp, use the shampoo more than two times, thus, oil is eliminated totally from the scalp.
  • In spite of using this remedy for many times to remove the lice from the scalp, redo the treatment up till your hair is emptied from the lice. 

Adding essential oil to olive oil

  • Essential oils are aromatic and greatly unstable. These oils are produced by steam distillation of the flowering plants. Special essential oils have 300 varieties of molecules due to climatic conditions at the time of harvest.
  • Antibacterial, antifungal, most importantly, insecticidal properties are packed in these essential oils.
  • Organic farming composed oil that should be used for removing lice from the hair.
  • Including a part of essential oil like lavender to olive oil for lice, conduct raises the therapeutic properties and it highly aids in blocking another pestilence.
  • The children like the fragrance of the oils and it also enhances healing situations.


Olive oil is alternative for eliminating head lice; in fact, it keeps away from side effects of other treatments. Olive oil treatment perhaps confused, yet, in time it is for our protection and benefits. An affordable olive oil is abundantly used to wash the hair than other petroleum jelly substances. The olive oil will choke the lice, and hence aids in removing lice from the hair.


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