How To Deal With Bad Hair Days

It is a bane of all women’s life to wake up and find that her shiny locks just won’t behave. Termed aptly a bad hair day, this kind of day may end up making you feel let down, frustrated and completely dejected. However there is no need for you to feel like this, as all bad hair days can be fixed with a little effort and a few ways to fix these flyaway tresses with help of styling accessories and products.

Bad Hair Days

Low Maintenance Hair Style Solutions

Whether your hair is styled in a close crop and wash and wear style or a long layered or wavy style, fixing a bad hair day will sometimes just mean that you need to take help of some eu-de cologne and some serum to fix it. Here is how to do it.

  • Moist a piece of cotton with some eu-de cologne and dab it on the roots of your hair.
  •  Dab the remaining moisture on the cotton on the length of the hair shaft taking care not to put too much on the tips of the hair.
  • Run your fingers through the hair to spread the cologne throughout hair shaft.
  • If your hair still looks flyaway and dull, work a few drops of a smoothening and shine enhancing serum into the hair.
  • Now brush or comb your hair.
  • Your hair will look good as new. You may want to leave the hair loose and swinging or secure it with bobby pins in a style that lifts your hair off your face, or use rubber bands to put it up into a ponytail.

If your hair still looks insanely disheveled and no amount of serum does the trick, then try one of these tips:

Braid your hair

The easiest way to tame hair is to braid your hair and a french plait looks wonderful on any style of dressing. Braid the entire hair starting at the top middle part of the forehead and collecting small sections of hair from each side as you braid. Secure the end with a rubber band.

Twist the hair

This is a funky style and will be even useful for those of you who do not have long hair to be braided. Take a dollop of mousse in your hand and run it through your hair. Now take small sections of the hair and twist it all the way from roots to tips. The twisting will happen from all sides. Do not try to follow any definite pattern. This style suits best on short hair. The disheveled look will give a feel as if it is intended.

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