Best Hair Style Tips to Avoid Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days are common not just for women but also for men. Every week, you have atleast one bad hair day when you just don’t feel like stepping out in the open and declaring to the world that you have a problem that literally is sitting on your head. But there are many tips and ways which can help you avoid bad hair days. Infact there are also a few hair styling methods which can hide the signs of oil or unruly hair. Read on to find out more.

hair style tips to avoid bad hair daysJust Wash the Bangs

One of the best hair styling tips to avoid the scare of the bad hair days is to just wash your bangs. Often, you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash all your hair and in such cases, quickly washing your hair might just do the trick. Tie your hair in a ponytail and all the signs of messy hair will be gone.

Tie your Hair in a Bun

The best hair style that can help you hide even the worse of hair conditions is a bun. Tie back all your hair in a bun and use a sleep black colored band to hold all the mess together, atleast for the day.

Turn on the Volume

Often, bad hair days may make your hair look really thin and put together. In such a case it becomes necessary for you to give your hair some volume. To do so, you can bend forward, and apply some volume fixative to make your hair appear big and bouncy.

Use Baby Powder

It might sound surprising but using baby powder on your hair on an oily hair day can be a great way to make all the oil disappear and also adds the needed volume to your locks. Take some in your palms and apply it to your hair so that it can absorb all the oil.

Use a Hair Band

This tip works for a lot of women who face the issue of unruly hair from time to time. If you do not have time to give your hair a wash, then just comb your hair right and put a nice looking hair band to control all the messiness and the unruliness. This is a great way if you have to go to work or have to go to the shopping market.


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