Everything you Need to Know about Scalp Acne

Scalp acne is a condition which is similar to other kinds of acne but in this case, it happens on the scalp region.  Treating scalp acne can be harder because the hair come in the way. But the good news here is that this kind of acne is less noticeable because the hair on top cover it up completely.

While in some cases of scalp acne, occasional pimples may come and go but in some severe cases, the lesions on the scalp can become tender and sore. The following is some more information about scalp acne.

know about scalp acne

What all to Avoid

In order to avoid scalp acne, you must avoid certain things and practices. It is important to firstly avoid eating all kinds of greasy and oily foods. There are some shampoos and conditioners which contain heavy ingredients which can irritate the acne prone skin.  It is better to use gentle products on your hair for the time period you are battling this condition.

Treatment Options

Another way to treat acne on the scalp is to make use of medications. The best way is get rid of acne on the scalp is to make use of benzoyl peroxide. Other ways to treat this condition is to use salicylic acid or other similar products. This acid can be applied with a cotton ball or with the fingers.

In some cases, doctors also recommend dandruff shampoos to treat this condition. This is so because dandruff shampoos contain zinc which is good for acne prone skin. Such shampoos also have antifungal properties and ingredients like ciclopirox and ketoconazole which are helpful in reducing or removing scalp folliculitis.

Another way to treat the problem or acne on scalp is to add tea tree oil to your hair care regime. You can add it to your shampoo as this method helps to reduce and eliminate antibiotic resistant bacteria.  This makes it a great cleanser and pore purifier. Another way to eliminate acne from scalp is rinse your hair after every workout session.

The sweat during the workout can worsen your acne and it is important to cleanse and clean to avoid acne buildup.  Trying a medicated shampoo can be a simple yet effective way to get rid of scalp acne.  There are many such shampoos available but you should consult a doctor before selecting one for yourself.


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