All About Hair Porosity

The porosity of hair is the capacity of your hair to absorb, hold and retain moisture. It mainly depends on the outer layer of the hair which is known as cuticle and this layer determines how much moisture and oil can be passed through the hair strands.

Porosity of hair is mainly genetic but these days, exposure to harmful UV rays, chemical treatments like Straightening and perming and harmful chemical products for hair like shampoos and serums can also affect the porosity adversely. If you know well about the porosity of your hair, you can give them the right amount of care. Read more to know about it.

all about hair porosity

Finding out the Porosity of your Hair

The most common and easy way to find out the porosity of your hair is the float test. Take a few strands of your hair from the comb and put them in a bowl full of water. After 4 minutes if your hair floats, you have low porosity and if it sinks fully, you have high porosity.

Treating Hair Porosity 

  • Low porosity hair is considered to be healthiest and have a shine to them. They repel moisture when you try to wet them while washing. This type of hair can get the residue of conditioners build up, hence making the hair feel hard and straw-like. You can use products such as glycerin and honey instead of chemical conditioners in order to condition your hair. Other products for moisturizing like Shea butter, Jojoba oil and coconut oil can be used as well.
  • Medium porosity hair need the minimum amount of maintenance as these type of hair allow the ample amount of moisture to enter the hair strands easily. Hair with this kind of porosity is the least affected by chemical processes like perming and straightening. But the disadvantage if that if you carry on using chemical products in access, the hair porosity might become low. For this, you should opt for occasional protein treatments and deep conditioning, but make sure it is not very frequent.
  • High porosity can either be genetic or can be caused due to damage by chemical treatments and pollution. This porosity allows excess moisture in your hair causing it to become sticky and oily. You can use a heavy hair butter to fill in the gaps and balance your hair porosity in this case so that too much moisture is also not lost.


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