7 Ways to Disguise Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that most of you may be facing. But there is nothing to be alarmed or ashamed about it. While you need to look at the medication side of it, there are some ways that you can use to disguise your thinning hairline.

So basically you need to implement your doctor’s medication and these disguising tips side by side to see some really good effects. Here are some useful guidelines that will help you to look like one with a heedful of hair.

ways to disguise hair lossDisguise your Hair Loss

1. Go for a haircut and ask your stylist to layer your hair. That way your hair will have a lot of bounce and it will look bunchy.

2. You can color your hair and use a color that compliments your skin tone and does not show your scalp. The color change will draw away from hair loss and most people will not notice it.

3. You can ask your stylist to add some streaks. Use contrast colors and that should mask your problem. Say you are using burgundy and your base color you can get the upper layers colored with lighter shades of burgundy. You can also color stands of hair in a lighter shade and that will make your hair look voluminous.

4. If you are in the habit of wearing accessories, then you can do the same with your hair. Use hair pins that are accentuated or even head bands that have a bow or a flower in it. If you are tying up your hair then get some elastic band that has some glitter particles in it. You can even use small hair brushes to keep your hair in place in an orderly fashion.

5. Part your hair wisely. If your hairline is thinning in front then do not part it from the middle. Get a side parting and make a front braid. You can loosely clip the front braid to the side. Not only will you hide your thinning hair line, but you will add some old time charm to your look.

6. Try different hairstyles that do not involve a lot of labor or a lot of hair. Twist part of the hair, tuck it to the side and tie it into a pony tail.

7. Other than all these you need to invest in some good quality conditioner and shampoo. Try some good serum that will keep your hair moisturized yet not sticky.

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