Top Hair Loss Products for Men

The truth is that there are a lot of people looking for the top hair loss products for men. In about 95% of the cases of hair loss, the problem is caused by androgenic alopecia. This means that as time goes by the hair follicles weaken and shrink until they aren’t able to produce new hair anymore.

Top Hair Loss Products for Men


This is in fact a steroid compound that prevents DHT production. This way it can prevent the shrinking of the hair roots and makes it possible for them to grow normally. This is considered to be the best product for treating male-pattern baldness even though it is the most expensive product of them all.


This is the most popular men’s hair loss product at the moment. This acts by enlarging the shrunken hair follicles. As a result, it can extend the growth phase of the hair so that the hair will have a longer life span before falling out. However once people stop using the product, the shedding will continue.


When thinking about the top hair loss products for men, you should remember this product, which is based on vitamin A. The truth is that the product has been developed to treat acne and other problems. The downside of the product is that it leads to side effects, such as blistering, light sensitivity and skin discoloration.

Saw palmetto

It is a DHT inhibitor, just like finesteride so it can be used as an alternative treatment. Nonetheless starting with 2010 there were no studies conducted using the product.

Wash and Rinse

In case you are looking for the top hair loss products for men, don’t forget about this product that contains fatty acids that prevent the production of 5-alpha reductase enzymes. The product also contains zinc and vitamin B5. The product acts where DHT would damage the hair.

Grooming Crème

It is something like hair gel, but it isn’t gel. It can offer help for touch-ups, but it doesn’t damage the hair; even more, it provides nourishment to the hair throughout the entire day.

Firm Gel

This is one of the top hair loss products for men that offer styling and it prevents the effects of DHT.


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