Possible Reasons For Excessive Hair Loss

Hair loss or excessive hair fall has become too common nowadays. It is an issue not only with older people but also with young adults and in many cases, teenagers too. Pollution, stressful lifestyle and an unhealthy eating habit has played a major role in hair fall issues. The severity of hair loss issue varies from person to person.

In this article, we will discuss hair loss that is commonly called baldness or alopecia, typically involving the head area. Both men and women have hair loss. The most common types include thinning of hair called telogen effluvium, male and female-pattern hair loss. Often, the combination of genetics, hormones and environment are some of the main causes behind hair fall.

Possible Reasons For Excessive Hair Loss

Reasons behind Excessive Hair Fall

  • Hormonal Changes- In females, hormonal changes are associated with pregnancy or child birth. Menopause in older women is also a cause behind excessive hair loss. But this might be for a temporary period of time.
  • Drugs and Medical Conditions- Certain drugs can also cause hair loss. Females after discontinuing birth control pills can have hair fall issues. Intake of pills for controlling blood pressure levels, heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol can also be a cause. Pronounced effects are seen with those including contraceptive pills, steroids, acne medications or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Some drugs or medications- have drastic side effects causing a person to become almost bald like chemotherapy and anabolic steroids. Medical conditions like thyroid diseases and alopeciaaerate which attacks the hair follicles is also a cause behind hair loss. Scalp infections like ringworms or mycotic infections and its treatments are also a cause.
  • Excessive Vitamin– An IntakeAccording to the American Academy of Dermatology, too much intake of Vitamin-A in the diet can cause hair loss. One should be careful not to take too many Vitamins-A containing supplements or food that can trigger hair loss. The normal Vitamin-A dosage is 5000 IU each day for adults.
  • Physical Stress- Too much physical exertion, a traumatic accident or surgery, flu or severe illness can cause severe hair fall. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. MD, Marc Glashofer, a dermatologist in New York, explains that our hair has a specific life cycle with 3 phases: Growth, Rest and Shedding Phase. A traumatic physical experience shocks the hairs life cycle, pushing it towards the shedding phase. Once your body starts recovering, your hair might re-grow. Usually, such hair loss is observed three to six months after the trauma.
  • Genetic or Heredity– Androgenic alopecia is a female pattern hair loss just like that of the males. It is a genetic or hereditary condition that causes hair loss. If you come from a family where the men or women start to lose the hair at certain age, then you can be at a higher risk of losing your hair sooner.
    Many a men tend to go bald or have slower growth of hair or partial. Women unlike men do not have a receding hairline. Instead of getting bald their part might widen or they might lose hair thickness making it frail and thin.


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