Natural Supplements for Hair Loss in Women

Although the majority of people are talking about hair loss in men, you should also know that there are many women looking for natural supplements for hair loss in women as well. Women find this a really serious problem, but the good news is that there are many different kinds of supplements that they could try.

Natural Supplements for Hair Loss in Women

Herbal Supplements

If you are looking for natural supplements to take, consider gingko biloba which increases the circulation to the scalp, supporting hair growth.

If the supplements you take contain kelp, your body will receive iodine from them that increases the thyroid hormone production and this results in hair growth.


In case you are looking for natural women’s supplements for hair loss you should know that if you don’t have a balanced diet, you might be anemic or you might have a protein deficiency and both these cases lead to hair loss. Make sure that you take vitamin A, B, D and E along with iron and zinc.

Other Supplements

When it comes to the natural supplements for hair loss in women remember that the body also needs amino acids, folic acid and fish oil. The nutrients will improve the immune system and they also support the growth of new hair.


The women who start taking women’s natural supplements for hair loss shouldn’t expect to see the results in a few days after they started. In the majority of the cases at least 3 months pass by before women notice any difference.


Before you start taking any kinds of natural supplements for hair loss in women, you should talk to your doctor first. In the same time remember that although it may seem harmless to take vitamins, if you take too many vitamins, they may do more harm than good.

Interesting Things about Natural Supplements

As you may know, a deficiency of vitamin A can result in hair loss. On the other hand, if you have too much vitamin A, it might turn out to be toxic and you may end up losing even more hair. In order to have healthy hair you have to make sure that you take everything with moderation.

Your doctor can tell you all about the natural supplements for hair loss in women and the possible side effects that they might have on your health and on your hair.


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