Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Side Effects

A lot of people believe that laser therapy is the magic solution for their thinning hair. Nonetheless, a lot of people do some research regarding the laser therapy for hair loss side effects to be prepared for the discomfort or negative effects that they could experience because of the therapy.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Side Effects

Side effects of hair loss therapy

Laser therapy has been the subject of researches for many years now and according to the FDA and the European standards it is safe to use.

At the moment there are no known side effects and the treatment is easy and painless to use. The side effects may appear if medication is used along with laser therapy.

Things to know

Usually genes are behind the problem of hair loss. People can inherit baldness from both their mother and their father. Although there are a lot of different products on the market, the laser therapy seems to be the most effective and efficient one.

Medical history

To study your case better, the doctor will ask questions regarding your family history. It is common for the doctors to take a photo of the patient’s head for comparison purposes.

How it works?

During the treatment, there will be a laser machine over your head. This is home to laser diodes and it looks just like the hooded driers. The diodes produce a given wavelength that has a benefic effect on the hair follicles.

Time frame

You won’t see the adverse effects of hair loss laser treatment during the sessions which usually last for 25 minutes. Depending on the extent of your problems, the results could appear after about 6 months. Besides the laser treatment, you will also be asked to use given hair products, such as shampoos.

Since there are no laser therapy for hair loss side effects, there are no reasons for you not trying it.


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