Healthy Food to Avoid Hair Loss

You are what you eat, right? If we apply this theory to all aspects of life, some people may be asking about the healthy food to avoid hair loss. The good news is that there are some foods that you should focus on in order to make sure that you will have more hair on your head than on your hairbrush.

Healthy Food to Avoid Hair Loss


Salmon is known to be high in vitamin D and protein. Besides this, it is also known to contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. They are nutrients which the body cannot produce on its own so you must get it from your died. Keep in mind that 3% of hair is made of these fatty acids.


If you are interested in healthy foods to stop hair loss and omega-3 fatty acids, this is the only nut you should be thinking about. Walnuts also come with vitamin E and biotin. These offer protection to your hair against DNA damage.


If you eat oysters often, you are having a healthy food to avoid hair loss. These are high in zinc that the body uses to produce vitamin A. Whole grain breads and fortified cereals also represent a good source of zinc. However, the advantage of oysters is that they also have protein.

Sweet potatoes

When it comes to the hair loss stopping healthy food, don’t forget about sweet potatoes. These represent a good source of beta carotene. This is also turned into vitamin A. It is important to know that no cell of the body is able to function without vitamin A.


Besides being a great source of protein, it is also a healthy food to avoid hair loss. Eggs come with numerous kinds of minerals, such as zinc, sulfur, selenium, and iron. If you have enough iron in your system you can be sure that the blood is able to transport enough oxygen to the hair follicles.


Spinach doesn’t only make you stronger; it is also one of the healthy foods to prevent hair loss. It comes with beta carotene, iron, vitamin C, and folate. If you like spinach, you could also have some other dark leafy vegetables, like Swiss chard, kale, or broccoli.

Make sure that you have each day at least one healthy food to avoid hair loss to make sure that you will be able to enjoy your hair longer.


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