Reasons and Treatment for Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss or alopecia is a problem which not just affects adults but also children. Hair loss among children is a problem which causes 3% of the pediatric visits in US. If you have observed hair thinning in your child or small bald spots, then you must be aware of the treatment to follow and the possible reasons behind this.  Yes, this can be a little frightening situation but the good news is that many good and safe treatment options are available. The following is some more information about reasons and treatment for hair loss in children.

reasons and treatment for hair loss in children

Causes of Hair Loss in Children

Tinea Capitis

Also known as ringworm of the scalp, this is a fungal infection in children which shows itself as scaly patches of hair loss on the scalp.  The patches are usually oval and round in shape and hairs may get broken off at the surface of the skin. This is a contagious problem and hence one must be careful not to share any objects which touch the head.

Alopecia Areata

This is a non contagious condition of hair loss among children in which the body’s immune system begins to attach the hair follicles and this may result in sudden oval or round patches of hair. There is no cure for this problem but a treatment can control it in children. In some rare cases, children suffering from this condition may experience total hair loss after some time.


Some of the other causes or reasons of hair loss among children are severe or sudden stress due to fever or surgery, nutritional deficiency and trichotillomania.

Treatments of Hair Loss in Children

  • In case of tinea capitis, treatment involves taking an oral antifungal for about 8 weeks or using an antifungal shampoo.
  • In case of alopecia areata, the treatment involves strong corticosteroid ointments or creams which is applied to the bald areas. Some may also need to take steroidal injections into the scalp and a topical steroid treatment may also be required.
  • To treat the hair loss that is caused due to nutritional deficiency, doctors may recommend making dietary changes and adding more of nutrients like Vitamin H, biotin, zinc and others to diet.
  • In case of hair loss caused due to non medical reasons, the treatment may depend upon the exact cause, complications in the case and other such things.


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