Top 7 Foods for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Good and healthy food is not just important for the body and its cells but also for nails, hair and the skin. A balanced and healthy diet is responsible for strong and vibrant hair. There are several particular food items which can help you in getting beautiful looking long healthy hair. The following is a list of top 10 foods for good hair:

1. Salmon

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Salmon is considered one of the best foods for the health of the hair because it is loaded with protein as well as Vitamin D and both these elements are responsible for lending strength to hair. Moreover the presence of omega-3 fatty acids is good for cell membranes of the skin of the scalp.


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Another important food which is great for hair health is walnuts. These nuts are packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin E. These elements protect the hair from DNA damage and are responsible for making hair lustrous.

3. Oysters

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Oysters too are considered awesome for the health of the heart for the simple reason that they are rich in zinc and lack of this element can lead to hair loss and dull and flaky hair.

4. Sweet potatoes

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Another food item that you must include in your diet if you wish to have healthy and shiny hair is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are high on an antioxidant called beta carotene which our bodies turn into vitamin A. If our body is low on this vitamin, then that can lead to hair becoming dry, itchy and with dandruff.

5. Eggs

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Our hair needs a lot of protein to look good and healthy and that is why eating eggs or applying egg on the hair works so well for them. Apart from protein, eggs are also high on several other elements like selenium, zinc, iron and sulfur. These nutrients are important for the hair because they prevent hair loss.

6. Spinach

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Spinach is full of vitamin C which keeps the hair follicles healthy and helps in the circulation of scalp oils. Moreover, spinach also contains folate, iron and beta carotene which too are essential nutrients for the hair.

7. Lentils

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Eating lentils on a regular basis will also ensure good hair health because these are full of protein, zinc and biotin. Moreover, lentils make for a good staple food not only for vegetarians but also vegans and non-vegetarians as well.


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