Different Types of Invasive Procedures to Deal with Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a very frustrating problem. Those who experience the problem of hair fall or extensive hair loss often face embarrassing situations in their day to day life and this may act on their confidence and self-esteem as well. There are many ways to prevent hair loss and some of these include regular hair oiling, proper hair washing, right usage of shampoos and other hair products etc.

Besides these, there are many other ways to treat the problem of hair loss. While some are non -invasive methods, others are invasive or surgical which produce permanent results. The following are the various invasive procedures which can help you deal with hair loss:

different types of invasive procedures to deal with hair lossHair Grafting or Hair Transplant

Hair grafting is one of the most popular invasive treatment methods to deal with the problem of hair loss. Also known as hair transplant, this is a procedure which is and must be performed by a dermatological surgeon. Every micro graft contains two hairs per graft and these are injected into the scalp and sedation is provided to provide relaxation and comfort.

Scalp Reduction

Another common and very effective invasive procedure which can enable you to grow back hair is scalp reduction.  This is a procedure which involves the removal of non-hair bearing skin from the scalp so that the rest of the remaining hair bearing skin is stretched so as to fill in the bald area of the head.  This is a process which helps to reduce almost half of the bald area. It is performed in order to cover bald areas on the back of the head as well as on the top.

This treatment is not suitable for those who are suffering from the problem of frontal hairline loss. In this procedure, the scalp is injected with local anaesthesia and the areas of the scalp which are bald are removed.  Then the surrounding skin is loosened and is stretched a little bit in such a way that the hair bearing scalp portions of the head are brought together and are closed with stiches.

Flap Surgery

Another common invasive hair loss treatment method is known as flap surgery. This is a process which is capable of quickly covering large areas of baldness. Every flap has the ability to do the work of 350 or even more punch grafts.  The bald scalp section of the head is cut out and a flap of hair bearing skin is lifted off the surface so that it can be brought to its new position and sewn together.


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