Learning What to Do About Your Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy hair loss is always a tough thing to deal with because it adds insult to injury when it comes to cancer treatment. It’s bad enough that you have already been diagnosed with cancer, but then you have to go into the treatment that brings you to a very painful point in your life. While losing your hair is usually preferred to actually dying, many cancer patients would still like to be able to go through treatment with hair still on their head.

When you are going through chemotherapy hair loss, you have to decide what kind of action you are going to take with the hair missing on top of your head. Some people like the idea of not doing anything because they are proud to show people that they are surviving through the worst type of illness that someone could get.

Chemotherapy Hair LossIf you are willing to have a bald head during the treatment then you are truly someone who is doing the right thing in helping people become more aware of this disease.

The best tool to use in the fight against hair loss is a wig because you won’t really be able to use any kind of real hair treatment. There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig at any point in your life, especially when you are going through treatment for cancer.

Anyone who does not like the idea of wearing a wig will really only have a bald head as their other option.

Fighting against chemotherapy hair loss

The main reason that you will want to fight against chemotherapy hair loss is that some people look quite ridiculous with a bald head. Most women decide to go with a wig because a bald head is not something that is really in style for women these days.

Although some women, such as Amber Rose, are able to pull it off, most other women do simply not have the body or facial structure to be able to do that kind of thing.

Getting a wig can help get rid of some of the trauma associated with cancer treatment because you won’t have to look at a bald head when you look at yourself in the mirror. You will still have a bald head under the wig, but it’s nice to be able to feel like everything is still alright when you look into the mirror. Seeing yourself with a bald head during cancer treatment is sometimes too much to handle at the end of the day.

What kind of wig should you get?

You can get any kind of wig that you would like to get when it is for chemotherapy hair loss because no one is going to judge you on your final decision. Some people like to get a wig that matches their original hairstyle because they want to feel like they are pushing through the cancer treatment without any kind of serious changes in the appearance of their face of body.


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